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BRISIN recruitment 2021/2022 application form portal requirements and guidelines to apply for jobs.

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BRISIN recruitment 2021

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General requirements for BRISIN recruitment 2021/22

It is very important to know what a recruitment agency or what a recruitment company needs before you apply for any of their recruitment exercise.

When you know this, it guides you and it gives you the chance to be able to weigh yourself to know if you are qualify for the job or not.

After weighing yourself and you find out you are not qualified enough, then you can start processing other jobs you know you are qualified for without wasting your time or without giving yourself false hope.

Also, knowing the requirement needed for a job helps you to prepare and brace your self for future outcomes because knowing the requirement a recruitment company wants can give you the chance to guess right what other things they might ask of you after this recruitment exercise

The requirement for the basic registry and information system in nigeria recruitment 2021/22 are as follows:

>>>Applicants must be a nigerian, that is he or she must be a loyal and faithful citizen of nigeria by birth or by nationalization.

>>>You must have good health and mentally stable. If you are not certain about this, ensure you visit a good government hospital to get them to check it for you.

>>>Disabled applicants should not bother to apply.

>>>Applicants must have good records and must not be linked with any form of criminal case.

>>>He or she must ensure they have good behavior and they should be very humble in all their dealings.

>>>Interested applicant should not have any tattoo whatsoever. If any applicant has any tattoo, the agency will see such person as irresponsible person and might not consider such applicant during shortlisting though they may allow him or her to register.

>>Applicant should ensure they have a valid means of identification. They can choose any of national id card, voters card, international passport or even driving license.

>>>Interested applicant should have a bachelor or an hnd of relevant disciplines. This degree must be acquired from the institution that are well known and respected.

>>>Applicant should endeavour they have an o level result with five credit at not more than two sittings. English language must be one of the subjects you must have a minimum of credit in.

>>>Applicant with first class or second class upper in their bachelor degree might be considered first and they may have an added advantage. Those with HND with upper credit or distinction may also be considered first.

>>Applicant should be good and knowledgeable on how to use computers and some of its basic application like excel, microsoft word or powerpoint.

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Things you must note about brisin recruitment

  • The registration is not free, you will pay a sum of 1000 naira before you can apply.
  • Applicants are shortlisted by merit.

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How to apply for BRISIN recruitment 2021/2022

>>> Visit the brisin recruitment application portal through this link

>>> Search for workplaces and select your choice
>>> fill and upload all necessary details.
>>> submit and wait for feedback via email or phone.


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