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The Civil Defence, Fire and Immigration and prison Services Board is the full meaning for this abbreviation (CDFIPB ).

Do you have a great or burning desire to protect the feeble ones. Well, if you have this desire, it is advisable you join the nscdc (The Nigerian Civil Security and Defense Corps).

Cdfipb recruitment 2021

Perhaps, you might be in need of a job, i will urge you to try this CDFIPB recruitment 2021 exercise. But before you apply for this recruitment exercise, there are some important information you need to be aware of.

That is one reason why we are here so that we can help you with a very reliable and detailed information.

Do you need information on how to apply for the recruitment or you need the criteria or measure the organization use in shortlisting people.

All this will be provided here. Let’s go through this together.

About The Nigerian Civil Security and Defense Corps (nscdc)

Nscdc simply means The Nigerian Civil Security and Defense Corps and it was incorporated in the year 1967.

It is an half- fledged military parastatals and not a full fledged military agency. It is a half fledged military agency incorporated by the nigerian federal government and its main duties is to provide protection against dangerous attacks/ unwanted disasters against the people of nigeria or against the country as a whole.

The agency was amended in 2003 and 2007.

General requirements needed before you can apply for Cdfipb recruitment 2021/2022

>>>Those who are interested in the recruitment exercise must ensure they are a genuine and loyal citizen of nigerian by birth or by nationalization.

>>>Those who are applying for any position in the recruitment should ensure they read all the information clearly and they should ensure they have all the required documents and requirements needed for that particular position.

>>>Applicants who knows they are disabled in one form or the other should not apply at all.

>>>Those who are in a secret cult or are drug addicted should not bother to apply.

>>Those applicant should know and be sure of themselves that they are physically and mentally fit. Perhaps if they are not sure of themselves in this criteria, they should ensure they visit a general hospital for this and they should ensure the results are collected because it might be asked during interview or during screening. It is not compulsory though to have the result at hand but be sure you are fit physically and mentally.

>>>Applicant should be very humble, polite and must have a good behavior. This is to ensure that when they finally got to that position, they will not misuse the position.

>>>Only prospective citizens who are not below or higher than 18 to 35 to 35 years of age can apply.

>>>Males applicant must not be below 1.65m while the females should not be below 1.60m.

>>>The male applicant chest measurement should not be below 0.87.

>>Applicants must have intelligent communication skills, he or she should know how to calm serious complication or disagreement through communication.

>>>Applicant must have a good means of identification. A national id card will be the best but if you have a voters card, driver licence or international passport, you can use any of this also.

>>>Interested people must not be in any form of debt or financial disgrace.

>>They must not have any form of court case or any criminal related cases pointing at them.

>>>You must have a waec or neco result or any of its equivalent and you must ensure you have at least a minimum of 5 credit which must include english language at not more than two sittings.

How to apply for Cdfipb recruitment 2021/22

  • Application form is done online, in that case, applicant should log on to cdfipb portal through this website to register.
  • After doing that, the next thing is to register with a valid email address which you still have access to.
  • Fill in the necessary details. Ensure you put in only correct information.
  • Print out the guarantors form and give someone to fill it for you and then scan and upload it back online.
  • Ensure you scan and upload relevant documents online.

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Note: The form is currently not on sale, it has ended on the 19th of march 2021. Also those with do not disturb (dnb) on their phone should remove it as this might make them to lose valuable information when it is time to communicate with them.

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