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In this article, we want to share with you all the valid information you need and we want to provide answers to all your hidden questions.

We are aware that most of the people who came across this recruitment exercise article do not even know what DIA means or what the full meaning is.

Some people who knows what it means do not know what requirements they need to meet before they can apply.

Some are asking questions like what are the procedures i need to follow before applying for the recruitment exercise? It is just a pity that people have not been able to provide those answers for them.

Well, in this article, i am glad to inform those who are interested that all their questions will be answered through this article. We will also give them the full meaning of dia.

We will let those who are interested in the recruitment exercise to know all the requirements they need to meet before they even have the motive to apply for the recruitment exercise.

Brief Information About Defence Intelligence Agency

Dia recruitment 2021
The full meaning of DIA is defence intelligence agency. They have been existing now for some years now. They are established in the year 1986.

They are established mainly for the purpose of providing an efficient system of obtaining and gaining military intelligence to tackle crimes intelligently and to teach them great techniques that will aid them in their duties.

It was incorporated mainly for all our armed forces and civil defence.

Dia recruitment 2021/2022 is mainly meant to help fight with unemployment by creating jobs for all our workin class, both graduate and non graduate.

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General requirements for dia recruitment exercise

We have been known by all the people who reads our post regularly that we kept on telling them how important it is to know the requirement you need before applying for any job.

Knowing the right requirement is like having a ticket to a show, without the ticket, you will not be able to enter.

It is just like saying that without water, you can live which is impossible. Knowing the requirement is just like a gateway.

So what are even this requirement you must meet that we are even talking about, they are as follows:

  • You must be a citizen of nigerian, not just an ordinary citizen but a citizen that is bonafide and loyal to his country. Such citizen should be by birth or by nationalization.
  • You must ensure you have an updated and valid means of identification. If you can have any of the following in the bracket, (national identity card, voters card, driver license, international passport) any of them will be accepted. If you have all too, no problem with that.
  • You must be modest in all your ways and you must have a good behavior, it will be good if you know you have people who can testify to your good behavior.
  • You must have a good physical and mental health. You should know you cannot just confirm this without doing any medical test. It is advisable you visit a medical hospital and get the test done.
  • Applicants must be free from all kind of debt or any financial disgrace or embarrassment.
  • You must not be more than 30 years, if you are more than 30 years, please do not apply.
  • You must have an hnd or bachelor or nce or even ond degree from a good and reputable institution. Any course is accepted as long as it is relevant.
  • Having computer knowledge is a good and nice advantage.
  • Applicant should ensure they have waec or neco result or any if of its equivalent at not more than two sittings. You must have atleast 5 credits which must include english language at not more than two sittings.

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How to apply for Dia recruitment 2021/22

<<<>>> kindly visit the dia jobs portal @ www.dia.gov.ng to apply for the defence intelligence agency Abuja recruitment.

<<<>>> Fill in and upload all the required details.

<<<>>> Submit your application

<<<>>> Wait for feedback

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