Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2021/2022 Form Portal

Federal Fire Service recruitment 2021/2022 portal for application form and latest news from www.fedfire.gov.ng recruitment portal >>> Do you need an urgent question hidden inside you concerning federal fire service recruitment 2021 exercise.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2021

Perhaps are you one of those people who needs information concerning the basic requirement you need to ascertain before you can successfully be employed.

It is knowledgeable to seek valid and detailed information concerning what you need, i guess that is one of the reason why you are here, that is, to gain more information.

Well, we will not disappoint you, all your questions and all you need to successfully apply for the recruitment exercise will be provided to you here.

We will ensure you get a complete information. Therefore, sit down, take a deep breath as we take the journey together.

About the federal fire service

Federal Fire Service recruitment

The federal fire service is a service that is fully established and funded by the federal government of nigeria.

The major motive of the service is to guide against any sort of fire outbreaks in home, school, offices, and every other places.

They are well equipped with all the necessary things they need and they ensure they reach the place of emergency fast. They are all trained in this aspect.

Also, the federal fire service commission has a long vehicle that has water and some other chemicals in it to quench stubborn fire.

As we all know, there are some fire outbreak that might occur, ordinary water cannot quench it but because of the help of this chemicals that are put inside this water, it enables fire fighters should be able to quench it.

There major area of service is when there is an explosion or when there is a fire outbreak anywhere or anytime. They are paid by federal government, hence we can classify them as federal workers.

They are also known as civil servant because they are working under the federal government.

It is through tax payers money or other ways government generate revenue that government use to pay this fire fighters.

General requirements needed for Federal Fire Service Recruitment

Interested applicant who really desire to work with the federal fire service commission should ensure there are some basic things they need to take into consideration before they apply for this job.

They sincerely need to take this serious because if they don’t, it is very dangerous for them on the path of securing the job.

What i am saying in essence is that before you can apply for this recruitment exercise, you need to meet the criteria set down by this people before you can apply successfully for this job.

The requirement you need to meet before you can be gainfully employed or shortlisted are as follows:

>>>Interested applicant must ensure they are a citizen of Nigeria by birth or by nationalization.

>>>Prospective candidate should endeavour they have all the required qualification/certification. Moreover, after they have ensure they have this qualification or certification, they should ensure they submit it to the recruitment centre during the recruitment exercise, because if they decide not to upload this document during the recruitment exercise, it will not be accepted later if it is presented after the recruitment centre.

>>Applicant must be both physically and mentally fit, he or she should should ensure they test themselves in a government hospital to check out for themselves. Also the result of the test should be collected from the hospital as it might be required during the screening period.

>>>Applicants must never been involved in any crime whatsoever and he or she should be free from any court case whatsoever.

>>>Applicant should be modest in all their ways and they should have good manners.

>>Interested applicant must not and should not belong to any secret group that is not recognised by law. Not only that, they should ensure they are not involved in any form of drug related issue.

>>>Applicants must be free from all form of debt or financial disgrace.

>>>Applicant age should not exceed or below 18 to 30 years as at the time of applying for the  federal fire service recruitment exercise.

>>>For male applicant, their height should not be lower or below 1.65m while female applicant must not be lower than 1.60m.
The chest measurement for guys must not be lesser than 0.87.

>>>Prospective candidate of the federal fire service recruitment should ensure they are well versed with the use of computers and some basic applications of computer.

>>>Applicant must endeavour to have a waec or neco or nabteb result of a minimum of 5 credits which must includes english language and not more than two sittings.

>Applicants must have a bachelor or hnd degree or even master degree at relevant area of study.

You can read on other available jobs and apply below:

How you can apply for Federal Fire Service recruitment 2021

  • It should be noted and known that the registration is online, therefore candidates are urged to visit https://cdfipb.careers/ or http://www.fedfire.gov.ng/ to apply for the recruitment exercise.
  • Candidates who wants to use hnd or bachelor degree to register should endeavour they register through this link https://cdfipb.careers/registrations/new to apply for the exercise.
  • They should endeavour they fill in the necessary details.
  • Those who are using waec or neco result should visit http://fedfire.gov.ng/rportal/welcome/auth to register.
  • The guarantors/referee form should be downloaded online on the portal and it should be filled by your guarantors. You should bring this form on the day of your screening.
  • You need to register only once, registering more than that can get you to be disqualified.
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