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FRSC recruitment 2022/2022 form portal is now opened for applicants that will like to work >>> We understand that some people are having issues, do not fear or be timid as we have a lot of testimonies of people who used our recruitment information and ended up securing it.

Frsc recruitment 2021/22
Here, we have compiled all the necessary information that will guide you to have a successful application and at the end help you get shortlisted.

Furthermore, there are many things you don’t know before and it is very important for you to know in order to have an understanding about FRSC before you apply.

In case you’ve not known before, the federal road safety Corps Recruitment 2021 application form is totally free. So don’t pay anybody asking you to pay a certain amount before you can get the job.

Some of the most asked questions about federal road safety Corps Recruitment include: what are the requirement i need to meet before i can apply, what is the full meaning of FRSC, how do i apply for the job. All this will be treated in this article.

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General requirement for FRSC recruitment 2021/2022

Age requirement: Applicant should be at a minimum of 18 years of age and above.

Educational Qualification: Applicants should have a bachelor degree, alternatively they can also have an hnd degree.

Citizenship: Interested applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth or by descent.

Criminal Record: Interested candidate must not be involved in any criminal case and should be free from such.

Computer literate: Applicant must be computer literate, that is, it is compulsory to know how to handle and control all the basic of computers. Not only that applicant should endeavour to know about excel, microsoft word or powerpoint. Knowing this is an added advantage.

Health: Applicants must be mentally and physically fit, all this can be done and tested in a private or government hospital. It is better of done at a government hospital.

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How to apply for FRSC Recruitment 2021/22

Applicants who are interested in the recruitment 2021 exercise should

♦ Visit the FRSC recruitment portal via or
after doing the step above, a drop down menu of four options will show, and they are:

>>RMA Cadre
>>>MI Cadre
>>>Officer Cadre
>>>Officer (MBBS) Cadre

♦ To get qualified, You are advised to read each job position requirement
After you have done this, ensure you click on the job post you are interested in to apply.

♦ The things you will be required to provide are as follows:

>>>National Identification Number (NIN)

>>>Driver License Number


>>>First Name

>>>Other Names

>>>E-Mail ( if you don’t have an email, kindly create one)

>>>Contact Address

>>>Phone Number

>>>Date Of Birth

>>>Place of birth

>>>State Of Origin

>>>LGA of Birth

>>>Home Town

>>>Height/ Weight


>>>Marital Status

>>>Preferred FRSC Physical Screening State

Disclaimer: we do not have any hand or influence in the registration that is going on. We only provide our readers with updates on the federal road safety corps recruitment.

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About Federal Road Safety Corps

Frsc was established some years ago. It was established by the federal government of Nigeria.

FRSC history in Nigeria can be said to start from the year 1988 (now at least you have an idea when it was established.) it was general Ibrahim Babangida who brought about the establishment of FRSC due to the excess or rampant road accident then.

He establish this agency so that they can curb road accident to the barest minimum. The man who first commissioned FRSC after its establishment was no other person but professor Wole Soyinka.

After it has been established, it became a federal agency because it was established by the federal government and only the federal government has the power to control its affairs.

The major function us is to ensure that everyone is save on the road and the reduction of road accident is brought to the minimum level.

Yes they are responsible for all this and it is their duties.

One good thing about the organization is that it is everywhere in each state just like mtn, lol. And it operates in every state. It is even present in the capital state of the country which is abuja.

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