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Duties and little information about Nigeria customs

Customs are those people who are situated at every border leading out and leading into nigeria.

They are situated there by the federal government of nigeria. It was established by the federal government of nigeria.

Their main duty is to reduce to the barest minimum unwanted luggages or prohibited items into the countries.

They also frown against the importation and exportation of illicit drugs like cocaine. If an individual is caught with this illicit drugs, he will be seriously sanctioned and he might end up being in jail or even killed.

They have the right to impound or seize unwanted or illegal items going out or going into the country. I must commend if not because of them, Nigeria would have become a dumping ground .

Nigeria custom recruitment 2021

General requirement for Nigeria Customs Recruitment exercise

Before you can apply for this job, ensure you meet the requirement outlined below because that is what will set you ahead of your peers who are also competing with the little available space.

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It is outlined as follows:

>>> Interested applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria either by birth or by nationalization.

>>>Applicants must also be free from all sort of offences, he or she must also be free from any court court cases against the applicants.

>> Applicants must not be less than 1.7 metres in height for male while women should not be less than 1.64 metres in height.

>>> Applicants should have a broad chest of nothing less than 0.87 for male.

>>> Applicants must be free from any sort of illness, he or she should endeavour to visit a government hospital to test for their Health status, they should also check their physically and mentally fitness there. The medical report should be collected from the doctor in charge.

>>> Applicants should not be suffering from any form of disability or mental illness.

>> Applicants should be free from all financial embarrassment like debt, or owing landlord rental fee. Things like that should be avoided and they should be free from such thing.

>>> Applicants should endeavour they have good record, also they should have good behaviour and there should be records from people that they are good and nice to work with. Also they should have good conduct both in character and how they handle things.

>>> Applicant should ensure they have the ability to work under pressure because it will not always be rosy in the company, their are some times, things will be down, so therefore that makes it compulsory for applicant to be able work under pressure and they should be able to adapt to changes quickly around them.

>> Applicants should ensure they have a local or state government which is endorsed by the chairman or secretary of their state.

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How to apply for Nigeria Customs recruitment 2021/2022

Visit the Nigerian customs recruitment portal @ to apply.

  1. Click on the registration button,you will see it at the top right side of the page.
  2. Your email address and phone number will be required.
  3. Enter the position you desire to apply for.
  4. Fill in your personal details like your name, age, sex, marital status. Ensure you fill in the correct one, fake information can get you disqualified.
  5. Verify your account by clicking on the activation code or link sent to your phone, or you might be asked to copy the code sent to your phone, then put it online.
  6. After all this, all other information will be communicated to you as time goes on.

Note: Selection is based on merit.
Endeavour to complete the registration date before the due date.

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