Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2021/2022 Form Portal [UPDATED]

The nigeria navy recruitment 2021/2022  is finally on sale. This recruitment exercise has been going on for quite some time now, so it is not just starting today.

Nigerians who look for information are those who look for it even though it is not easy for them, they have to go out of there way to get that valid information they might need.

Nigerian navy recruitment 2021/2022

In essence, this article is written mainly to pass to those who are interested in the Nigerian navy recruitment exercise that the form is now on sale. The registration is done online.

Interested applicant should do as they are instructed, any form of disobedience will not be taken lightly.

Moreover, applicant should ensure that all the vital document that were asked of them should be uploaded and they should ensure they don’t manipulate anything.

The aptitude test will be announced later on

Dear reader, perhaps you might be interested in this exercise, well you are in the best place to get all the information you might need.

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How you can apply for Nigerian navy recruitment 2021/2022

Applicants are to follow the steps below if they want to apply for the job.

Step 1: Visit this url to apply.

Step 2: Ensure you click on some kind of button which is called register button. After clicking this button, you will be required to create an account.

To create that account, you will need to input your username and password.

Step 3: Complete the Ratings Application form. You can save your application. It is possible to login at any time you wish and ensure you review your data carefully before submitting.

There is nothing you can do after submission because any modification or changes will not be allowed. Failure to submit your application might not get you to be shortlisted at the end.

Step 4: Prospective candidate should endeavour to print out the online application form and it will require the requirement below:

1) Applicant’s Declaration and Certification by Parent/Guardian form.

2) Local Government Area Certification Form.

3) Police Certification Form.

4) Guarantor Form.

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The 2020 Nigerian Navy Recruitment Aptitude Test date for 2020 will be updated here right on our blog once the date is announced. So keep on checking on our blog updates.

Note: The recruitment has been extended till further notice due to the outbreak of corona virus.

General requirement for Nigerian navy recruitment 2021/22

  1. Waec or neco result
  2. Good medical report
  3. Applicant must be a citizen of nigeria
  4. Applicant must be single and never been married before nor should he have children
  5. Candidates with any form of disability will not be entertained. Disability like hearing difficulties or vision impairment and so on will not be admitted into the system
  6. Prospective candidates with any form of tattoos won’t be welcomed.
  7. Interested candidates must not be below the height of 1.69 meters for males and 1.650 for females.
  8. Those interested in the recruitment exercise must ensure they are between the ages of 18 to 22, this is for school leaving certificate holders. Those prospective candidate or interested candidates who want to make use of higher degree should ensure they are in between 18 to 26.
  9. Applicant must have never commit any offence before and he must be free from any offences whatsoever.
  10. Applicant should be a good citizen oof the country.
  11. Interested candidates should ensure they don’t try to manipulate their way in maybe by trying to upload some fake credentials or results . If caught it will lead to proper sanction.
  12. Those credentials that will be submitted to the navy after the deadline will not be entertained whatsoever. Candidates should ensure they submit these credentials during registration.
  13. Candidates should ensure they print out guardian form and they should try as much as possible to give their parent to show their approval or to give their assent of their ward joining the navy
  14. It is compulsory for applicant to provide their first leaving school certificate.
  15. Applicants must provide their NIN number.

Nigerian navy recruitment 2021/22

Functions of nigerian navy

>>>They protect the country against any external force.

>>>They fight on sea or ocean mainly to protect the country.

>>>They also fight criminals or terrorist within the country who are trying to escape by water.

>>They are good swimmers and they can also fight underwater with the use of submarine boat.

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