NPower Portal 2021/2022 Login Dashboard Profile

Here’s how to login to Npower portal dashboard ( in 2021 easily. portal login: Do you wish to get some valuable information concerning npower recruitment for 2021, well this article will help you to get those valuable information and it will help to satisfy your curiosity.

Npower portal login

In this article, you will gain some knowledge like, how to login to Npower portal profile, how to apply for npower recruitment exercise, the requirement needed will also be stated.

We will also give you more insight on it because you might think you know about it but we will let you know more about it with this article, so just calm down and let’s go through the article together.

General requirement needed before you can apply for npower recruitment exercise

Before you can apply for npower recruitment exercise, there are some factors you must put into consideration if you know you really want to be shortlisted, all of the factors are very important and must be taken very serious.

These factors can be classified as the requirement you will need before you can apply for this job offer.

So what are this factors? I know you must be wondering, don’t worry, we are here to satisfy your curiosity. The requirements are outlined as at follows:

  1. Graduates or unemployed graduates must be between the ages of 18 to 35 years old.
  2. Basic illustration skills on animation or graphic arts will be an advantage.
  3. Creative writing skills, script writing skills and analytical writing skills will also be an advantage to the applicant that possesses this skills or any of the skill.
  4. Problem solving skills.
  5. Ability to undertake self tutorship.
  6. Detail oriented individual.

How to apply through npower portal login

Npower Portal login

To apply for Npower recruitment 2021, all you need to do is to visit npower portal to apply.

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How to update your npower account through the npower portal profile

First step:

♦ Kindly visit the website on

♦ Login username and phone number will be the tip to login

♦ Use the password you can easily remember. For example, you can use your other names or your bank account number
After login, if there is no error, you will be taking to another page. But if there is an error, keep trying.

♦ Click on set up your bank account and input your bank account no and details because that will be where you will be receiving your salary.

♦ Use the drop-down to select the bank you prefer, ensure the account matches the name on the account. The bvn will be automatically uploaded itself.

Finally click on update account.

Second step:

♦ Click on, you will see it at the left hand side of the portal. then you will see some other information like this below:

>>>App Main Navigation
>>>My Profile
>>>Change Password
>>>About NPVN
>>>Get Help

♦ After you have seen this, click on the fourth one which states my profile. Once you click this, you automatically know you need to update it. Then that is just what you will do.

But after clicking on my profile, it will show two options and you are to fill the two options. The two options are:
1. personal information
2. Bank information.

♦ After clicking on your personal information, you will be asked questions like your full name, your age, your state of origin, gender, relationship status and so on.

Ensure you fill only the right answer there as giving out fake info could get you disqualified on the npower login portal.

♦ The next step after filling your personal details is to fill in your bank account number, click on the account number you want to use and input the account name there too, then the next step is that the portal will automatically input your bvn number by itself.

Reason for this is because npower is from federal government and they already have all your info at hand.

♦ Then click on update account after performing all the above activities.

Brief history about Npower

Npower is established by president muhammadu buhari and majorly from his vice president yemi osibanjo. It is established as a result of the low rate of employment in the country.

With this scheme, government will train those shortlisted and give them some certain amount every month up to a year. At the end of all this, i think a certificate will be issued.

Want to know when this job will commence recruitment? Leave a comment below and bookmark this page.

All this is done so that they can be self employed and perhaps become an employer when things later fall in place. The scheme is setup to fight unemployment.

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