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Npower recruitment 2021/2022 registration portal >>> Are you in need of some vital information about npower recruitment 2021 exercise in Nigeria, or perhaps you don’t even know what npower is all about.

Npower Recruitment 2021/2022

Do you need valuable information concerning the list of requirement you need to meet before you can apply or are you completely ignorant of how to apply for npower 2021 recruitment.

I bring you good news today because in this article, we would provide you with all the necessary things you need to know, we will also provide answers to those your hidden question.

We are also here to educate you and free you from all the shackles of ignorance.

Brief history about Npower

Npower is a scheme established by the federal government of nigeria. It is particularly established by the president buhari/osinbanjo administration.

This is to say that the scheme was just established not quite long since we all know that president buhari administration have not even reach 8 years.

The scheme is set up to tackle the high rate of unemployment in the country. It was established as a result of unemployment rate.

The scheme is setup to meet at least a minimum of 200,000 Nigerians. The scheme is meant for both sexes, that is for both male and female, without any form of discrimination.

The scheme is setup to provide them monthly allowance of up to a month and to train them so that they can become self employed themselves.

Beneficiaries are trained on all form of training mainly to empower them. Some are trained to learn how to sow, and some other things.

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General requirement needed for npower recruitment 2021/22

  • The scheme is established mainly to curb the menace of unemployment and to reduce it to the barest minimum. It is mainly meant for Nigerians. Nigerian citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 are the ones which the schemes is looking for.
  •  Selection is always based on merit as long as you are interested in any particular field. It is your interest that really matters here.
  • Applicant should be ready to work to push themselves and they should be ready to work under pressure.
  • Applicant should have the ability and willingness to develop more on the training which has been given them.
  • Ensure you take the training very serious as through this will you be able to achieve your aims and become self employed so you can give back to the country.
  • For the purposes of N-Power, Graduate must have a minimum of a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelors Degree from a higher institution.

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How to apply for Npower recruitment 2021/2022

Majority are out there seeking this valuable information on how to apply for npower 2021 schemes so there they are outlined as follows:

  1. Kindly log on through this url below to register on the npower portal ›  Alternatively, visit the application portal using:
  2. Choose the job category you think you are interested in and the one you think you are capable of . The dropdown options you can choose from are npower Knowledge, npower Volunteer corps and npower build. You can now choose from the other available option that will later be made available.
  3. After choosing the area or category you are very interested in, click on the application link which will appear, to apply.
  4. Ensure you fill in all the necessary form but before filling all this form, it is advisable you read all the instructions carefully. Also you will need to provide some documents and they include passport, CV, degree qualification certificate, and so on.
  5. After clicking on the submit button, you will be provided with npower registration number. It is this registration number you will use to do other stuff concerning your recruitment.

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What you should do next after applying

>After applying, what remain is to wait for the aptitude test, when the day of the aptitude test comes, ensure you do your possible best to pass it so you can be shortlisted at the end.

>>>After passing it, ensure you prepare for the physical verification center on the designated day.

>>>The physical screening is done in order to fish out all those people using fake results, so ensure you have great backup to prove your credentials are genuine.

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