NYSC Registration 2021/2022 Requirements, Guidelines & Portal

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Are you one of those graduates people call jjc simply because you don’t know how to register for nysc or perhaps you don’t even know the procedures, you have to go through before you can register yourself or someone successfully?.

Or are you a cafe operator and people have been coming to you to help them register through the nysc portal for their 2021 nysc registration?

Maybe all these are not even your problem, maybe your own problem is to know some tips that will guide you during registration so that you won’t have to make costly mistakes.

Well, you are in the right place to get all the vital information you need. Those who said information is key are not lieing and those who said if you are not informed, you will be deformed are also not lieing.

Nysc registration 2020

Without a reliable information, you might fail even before you start or if you don’t have this valid information, you might not even smell among those who will be shortlisted.

I know you don’t want that and that is why you are here so we can feed you with all our reliable information and all our updates at every point in time.

In this article, we will be sharing all the things you need to note before you can become a successful employee.

Tips about nysc registration 2021 that will guide you

  • Never should you thumbprint for anyone, you should only thumbprint for yourself not only during nysc 2021 registration but in all registrations you will do before you leave this world.
  • The passport photograph must be sharp and bright and must have a balanced resolution.
  • You must and should not forget the username and password you gave when registering, it is advisable you write them down immediately after registration.
  • Ensure you correct any mistakes you made during registration, that is why crosschecking your details is very important before you submit.

The nysc procedures and guidelines you must meet before you apply

1. You can visit any of the following nysc website to apply
2. You can scrutinize the nysc senate list to verify your records.
3. Perhaps if this is your first time of registering, you can visit , you should click on the column “mobilization 2021 batch A.
4. If you had been registering before but you stopped in the middle of registration, all you need to do is click on log in here then you will confirm your registration by using the username and password you were using before to continue your registration.
5. If you had completed your nysc registration 2021  and have been given your batch but you were not able to go to orientation camp, just click on revalidation link to be able to validate your registration again.

To be successful during your Nysc registration 2021 , you must endeavour you follow this steps below very strictly

>>>The email and phone number dropped online when registering for nysc must be accessible and must be used throughout the service year in case they will want to pass information to prospective corpers, they can be able to.

>>>Those pcm who are trained locally should ensure they use matriculation number when registering for the program.

>>>Only those trained graduates which the senate of their institution sent their results to them will only be able to access the portal.

>>>Foreign students who wish to do nysc here should ensure there institution is accredited, if not they might not be able to go for nysc. They can clear themselves if they find themselves in this case by visiting the federal ministry of education in nigeria.

>>>International students are to ensure they visit the nysc portal and upload their waec or neco or gce or nabteb or any of its equivalent with five credits which must include english language at not more than two sittings or an high school diploma or degree.

>>>They should ensure they upload their first degree certificate or diploma, that is they must have a bachelor degree or a diploma degree.

>>>International passport are to be supplied by international students.

>>>Foreign students should try as much as possible not to visit abuja or visit the headquarters, they are to print out their call up letter online and come to the camp to do their nysc mobilization.

>>>Provisional certificates, To whom it may concern, printouts that are done online or photocopied credentials are not accepted and will not be tolerated.

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