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PYES Recruitment 2021/2022 registration portal has been opened officially. You are going to see the requirements and how to apply for the job.

I know you are looking for ongoing recruitments in Nigeria so that you can apply.

This may be your next federal government job. Want more? Really on.

Pyes recruitment 2021/2022 Registration

Pyes recruitment 2020/2021 form

You are welcome to Pyes recruitment 2021/2022 registration article. Pyes simply means Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, in case you might be wondering what does pyes mean?

In this article, we will provide you with all the basic information you need to know concerning the pyes registration exercise.

We will also share with you the guidelines on how to apply for the recruitment exercise. We will also provide you with the requirement you need as an applicant before you can apply for the Job.

Brief history of PYES recruitment

As i said earlier, PYES simply means presidential youth empowerment scheme. It is a scheme which was established by the federal government of nigeria.

It was established in order to guide against the rate of unemployment in the country.

It was established by president Muhammadu Buhari.

It is a pity that most unemployed people don’t have valid information concerning this fantastic scheme and therefore wallow in ignorance.

The pyes scheme is designed as an incubation programme whereby youth will be empowered by providing seed empowerment tools.

This seed will help to create multiple layers of empowerment. This empowerment will enable the citizen of the country to be an entrepreneur without having to look for an unavailable employment elsewhere.

In fact this might help them to be a business owner and if things works out well, they can start employing the teeming masses to their business.

Can you now see, with this scheme, we will be able to fight unemployment to the barest minimum.

Requirement needed for PYES recruitment exercise

We have painstakingly went ahead to provide you with the requirement you might need before you can register or benefit from this fantastic scheme. They goes thus:

♦ Applicants must be a citizen of Nigeria either by birth or by nationalization.

♦ Applicant must be between 18 years of age to 40 years of age as at the time of application.

♦ Candidates are to ensure they have a valid waec or neco result before applying

♦ Applicant are to ensure they have a guarantor (preferably a pastor/imam or a community leader) who will stand and sign on their behalf.

♦ You are to ensure you have a valid means of identification ( e.g, national identity card, driver license, voters card or international passport) before applying.

♦ Applicants should be able to communicate in yoruba or native language (yoruba, igbo, hausa, e.t.c)

♦ Applicant must be of a good character/ behavior.

♦Candidate must complete a guarantor form.
Applicants should be able to mentor pairs or impact knowledge within their community.

♦ Candidates should be able to secure endorsement of a local government official.

♦ Applicants must provide a second level beneficiary (SLB) to qualify before benefiting from the scheme.

♦ Finally, the scheme is set up for literate, semi-literate and the non literate population without any form of biasment. The scheme is set up at the basic ability to learn and be teachable.

How to apply for Pyes registration 2021 Form

Interested candidates who met the above requirement can go on to apply for pyes recruitment 2021/2022 by following the following steps

  1. Kindly log on to
  2. Register through the link above.

Things you should note about p-yes recruitment exercise

  1. Registration is free.
  2. Selection is based on merit.
  3. No registration fee will be required, be aware of scammers who asked you to pay for any amount.
  4. If you need valid information concerning this, please ensure you keep visiting our site regularly or perhaps visit the pyes recruitment portal on
  5. Please note that is only meant for p-yes scheme.
  6. Perhaps you don’t want to register online, you can kindly visit p-yes offices to apply.
  7. You can start completing your registration by knowing that you need just a valid email address. So before you apply, ensure you have a valid email address.
  8. If you are a Nigerian and you are sure you have reached the age of 18 years or you are between the age of 18 and the age of 40 years old, then you need to know that you can apply, then you should not miss this great opportunity.
  9. If you have tried other federal government recruitment like n-power recruitment or sure-p recruitment without any success, then you can do yourself the very best by applying for this p-yes programme.

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