WAEC Recruitment 2021/2022 Form Portal & Application Requirements

WAEC recruitment 2021/2022 form and requirements for application.

In this article, we would provide you a comprehensive information about WAEC recruitment portal 2021 application form, we would also provide you with all the vital information you might need.

WAEC recruitment 2021/2022

Do you have some hidden questions like how do i apply for this recruitment exercise or how do i know the requirement needed.

Perhaps you are even wondering what does waec stands for. Don’t worry, in this article we would provide you with all the information you will need to get that job at waec.

We will also state the website you will have to go to in order to apply, yes we are aware there are many fake websites flying around nowadays, some of them are websites created by scammers used to carry out their dirty works.

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You see the reason why you need to get enough information concerning the waec recruitment exercise, not only that, the reason for you to satisfy your curiosity is also there. All the vital information you need are as follows.

About WAEC

WAEC recruitment 2021/22
Waec simply means west african examination council. It has been established for quite some time now. It was established in the 19’s.

To the best of of my knowledge, it has been in existence far back as in the 1980’s. The council is just like neco or nabteb exam and they hold external examination that prepares and allow student to be able to enter into the university.

The west african examination council is a type of examination that is meant for only students in the west. Those countries from the eastern, or southern or northern african cannot participate in this exams.

So therefore those in the western african can also not participate in their own exams. The fact is that each african region has their own exam council.

In the southern part of african, their examination council which enables their students to be able to enter the university is called SAEC.

I am not quite sure what other region calls theirs but i am sure all region has that external examination council that prepares their student to be able to enter the university.

The council is setup to show that truly the students of the country have completed their secondary education and they are good and qualified enough to enter the university.

After this examination is taken all over the state, after some months the result will be released and pasted on their website. But before you can check your result, you will need to buy a scratch card, it is the pin and serial number on this scratch card you will use to check your result.

Also when checking your result, your centre number and examination number/candidate number will be asked. After filling all this on their page, you will click on check result. That is how you will check your result.

Moreover if you did not pass your waec exam, you can substitute it with your waec gce or neco or even nabteb at not more than two sittings.

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Not all university or poly accepts two sittings and some do accept but not for some courses like medicine and surgery.

WAEC Recruitment Application Requirements 2021/22

  • Interested applicants should ensure they are not more than 35 years of age as at the time of application.
  • Applicants must be a computer literate and he/she should know the basic aspect as well as some important aspect of a computer like excel, microsoft word and the rest.
  • Applicant must have a bachelor degree or alternatively he/she must have HND degree.
  • Applicant must be healthy and free from all sort if illness. He/she can do this at a government hospital by checking how mentally and physically fit they are.
  • Applicant should be free from all sort of court case and he/she should be free from all sort of criminal case.

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How to apply for WAEC recruitment 2021/2022

This subtopic is the major question people normally targets most but you should note that you need to meet all the requirement listed above before you can apply.

Failure to do so might make you to be disqualified at the end or not even shortlisted at all.

  1. Visit waec website on www.waeconline.org.ng to apply.
  2. Or alternatively send your cv to the deputy director (HRM) , WAEC, yaba.
    the cv and the letter should include the following:
    >>>Full Names
    >>>Age/Date of Birth
    >>>State of Origin
    >>>e-Mail Address
    >>>Telephone No(s)
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